Wiring Relocation Electrician

RPD Electrical Services offers expert wiring relocation services to customers in Sugar Land, Richmond, Katy and nearby areas. You might have a number of reasons for wanting to take on wiring relocation in your house, including for remodeling reasons or if a switch or outlet is in an inconvenient place. Outlets are frequently relocated whenever bathrooms and kitchen areas are remodeled or when an addition is constructed. Relocating the wiring of outlets and switches can be carried out without difficulty during a remodeling project.

We'll start by marking the new place for the outlet or switch and use a drywall saw to cut the opening. Next, we will switch off the power to the outlet and check to make sure it is off by placing the electrical wire tester into the outlets in the room where we're doing work. To confirm that the power to the switches is shut off, we'll take away the switch cover and hold each lead of the tester to a single switch terminal.

Then, we'll take off the cover from the outlet we're relocating. Next, we will test the outlet one more time to guarantee the power is off. We will get rid of the plug from the remodel box and take away the wires from the plug.

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