A/C & Heating Wiring Electrician

If you have purchased a new central air unit, you might be standing outside wondering how to install such a large electrical appliance. Tinkering around with live wires is never a good idea. Before you call your best friend, or your neighbor who might remember a bit of electrical work from high school, remember that electricity is dangerous.

The electrical wires running to your air conditioner hold 220 volts of electricity. If those wires are installed incorrectly, you could damage your new cold air system. Improper installations are not covered under warranties, mistakes will cost you. In a worst case scenario, you, your friend, or neighbor could be seriously hurt. Household electricity levels can kill. Why take the chance when you can call in a professional electrician with RPD Electrical Services, Inc.

Make sure your new system is installed the correct way.

When you call RPD Electrical you get a licensed electrician. Being a licensed electrician means they have gone through tens of thousands of hours working with electricity. Our electricians have gone through the necessary education and taken tests to demonstrate their proficiency. Our technicians are licensed professionals, dedicated to helping you with your electrical and air conditioning needs.

Our technicians understand how to install electrical appliances the correct way, the first time. When hot weather strikes, you will feel safe when you turn on the A/C. We understand electricity and air conditioning. Central air units are expensive, the last thing you want to do is have it installed by an amateur who might ruin your hot weather control investment. Our technicians also specialize in heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. If there is a problem with either your electricity or your air system, we will be able to fix the problem and make installations a breath of fresh air.

RPD Electrical provides expert air conditioner and heater wiring services to homeowners and business owners in: West Houston, Richmond, Rosenberg, Needville, Sugar Land, and Katy areas. If you're building a new structure or replacing an existing A/C or Heating system in your home or office, our professional licensed electricians can help!

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