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We provide all types of Electrical Wiring Repairs in: West Houston, Richmond, Rosenberg, Needville, Sugar Land, and Katy areas. RPD Electrical is fully licensed for all types of electrical wiring repair.

We fix all types of electrical wiring problems:

House Electrical Wiring Repair – Whole House Rewiring

Whether you need just a couple of small electrical wiring repairs for your home or you need a complete house rewiring due to a fire of other electrical hazard. RPD Electrical has the experience to provide you with your best solutions and at the most cost effective way to achieve them. Perhaps your system is just out of date, and you’d like to update it.

Does your home or office have old wiring? If your home or office building was built before 1990 then you might be putting your family or business at risk. RPD Electrical helps you prevent any risk of electrical fires and other related electrical incidents in your home or office.

We handle all types of electrical wiring services in the West Houston area:

If you have a wiring issue in your home or office, call us!

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