Heavy Duty Circuit Breakers

RPD Electrical Services offers heavy duty circuit breaker installation and servicing to commercial property owners in the Sugar Land, Richmond and Katy areas. If your company suffers from frequent power surges, it may be time to contact us for a consultation to prevent equipment shutting off, which costs you time, and possibly lost information. This can be prevented by upgrading to a heavy duty circuit breaker plus, these types of power surges can certainly create a fire hazard. So what causes the issue, and just how is it best resolved? Often times a commercial electrician will be able to stop the power surges by setting up dedicated circuits to supply power to those places which are sensitive, or demand a heavy load.


Dedicated circuits are electrical circuits which are devoted to one particular purpose, or appliance, or device. They all have a unique circuit breaker and it comes as close to the power source as is possible. Many are used by way of a particular receptacle. Some appliances, including an electrical water heater, might be wired straight into the circuit. In many instances, these circuits are dedicated to serving either sensitive equipment, or equipment which demands a heavier load than the others do.

Most commercial buildings will require these. Failure to have a commercial electrician install these can lead to overloaded circuits. When too many substantial or even high demand small appliances are plugged into a power outlet, overloading can occur. Such overloads can generate a serious fire hazard. Some equipment and machines including computers are sensitive to power surges which originate from overloading circuits. In addition, the National Electric Code requires dedicated circuits for particular machines and devices.


Sound judgment dictates having a commercial electrician take care of dedicated circuit installation to serve specific equipment such as security systems. This could include cameras, motion detectors, along with other gadgets aimed at monitoring the property. This is just not a system a company can afford to have fall short if an worker accidentally plugs a coffee pot into the wrong receptacle! Depending on the kind of business and the security threat, the outcome could be costly.


Another specialized place a commercial electrician must protect is the computer systems inside the building. For a lot of companies, these systems are their spine, and outages here can be costly when it comes to data loss and productive time for workers. In addition, a lot of this equipment including hard drives, monitors, scanners, copy machines, and printers are incredibly sensitive. It takes only one power surge to fry a high priced motherboard.


With respect to the kind of business, there might be other places that need commercial dedicated circuits also. For example, major systems like heating and cooling will need dedicated circuits due to their heavy electrical load. A lot of companies have kitchenettes which contain such appliances as refrigerators or kitchen appliances. Gyms, which run treadmill machines and other equipment, will need dedicated circuits. Of course, factories with their heavy machinery may have special needs.

It is advisable to have a full evaluation of the company's electrical needs. A commercial electrician will examine the electrical circuits in place, and then assess the needs of the company including security, computer, and other specialized needs. Once finished, they can set up dedicated circuits to service those particular purposes. After that, everything ought to run much smoother, and the fire hazards will be lessened.

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